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attempting to make them burst with the weight of her entire leg! Amy Starz merely giggled while she was squashing his nuts with her bare feet. She made his balls puff up like a squeezed balloon

Amy Starz was sleeping in her short denim mini skirt and her tiny thong panties when her disturbed gardener began jacking himself off with her feet and her toes! He was perversely squeezing her young thighs and rubbing his throbbing stiff cock all over her legs while she was taking a nap.She woke up and immediately began laughing at him and humiliating him for having such a tiny penis! Then she defended herself with extreme force by kicking and kneeing the naked gardener in the nuts! He pleaded for mercy but she continued to degrade and insult and abuse him without mercy!After a seemingly endless barrage of swift kicks to his swollen testicles he fell to the ground and was attempting to protect his balls. She sat over him and began stepping on his nuts

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