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October’s mystique solid its grey cover over the sky as Magdalena drove home in her escort. Moreover, her mood changed into also a corresponding gray as she contemplated the rut her life had become. For the past eight years she’s been married to Eric. Her husband turned into the abusive type who insisted that the whole lot be achieved his way or no way at all. Their marriage relationship had currently degenerated into a habitual set by his unilateral method to every issue in their lives together. Further, nothing could be executed on her element to exchange the situation. To make matters worst, she couldn’t depart the marriage. Sure, they’d no children; however, this wasn’t to any advantage, for her job didn’t generate enough earnings to permit her to stand on her very own ft; her debt turned into such an awesome obligation, crushing any threat of a life on her personal.

Such were her mind as she held the stirring wheel with one hand and pulled the cigarette from her mouth with the opposite. The twenty nine year vintage darkish haired female exhaled and replaced the Marlboro back into her mouth as the auto moved on. Her ride home changed into over five miles from her suburban dwelling. This distance brought about her to take the highway with a view to reduce time. Further, the twenty minutes that she did spend on the parkway gave the handiest time of the day that she had moments to herself. In truth, one may want to say the automobile became her handiest instrument of self expression; behind the wheel, she turned into in manage. As Magdalena comfortable lower back in the seat, she glanced over into the rearview mirror, getting a glimpse of her very own reflection. Despite the terrible marriage and its emotional strain, her look regarded as first-rate as ever. Her physique became slender however now not extremely thin. Likewise, she had a horny stature which combined together with her dark brown hair and dark eyes gave her a pydo-gothic look the likes of which the Spanish Inquisition might be proud. Moreover, she looked similar to Linda Florentino in ” The Last Seduction”. However, her existence was now not as fortunate; her ability to manipulate the opposite sex left a great deal to be desired. Vulnerability regarded to be her role relative to men and all their doings.

Finally, Magdalena pulled up into the driveway of her home. She were given out of the ford, reached for her handbag, and entered the residence via the the front door. Further, her process required a professional appearance; therefore, our girl became dressed in a skirt suit. Her apparel changed into black. She appeared properly dressed this manner. As she walked to the the front door, her black leather-based stiletto footwear would resound with their affects upon the cement. After coming into the structure, Magdalena kicked off her pumps and threw herself down at the solfa. It would be about fifteen more mins until Eric might arrive domestic from his accounting activity. She loathed the second, for all hell would usually destroy loose. In the end, things could continually terminate in verbal and at times bodily abuse.

Sitting on the couch, girl brown eyes listened as the front door’s lock was grew to become and her husband entered. Sure sufficient, he began, ” Why don’t you park your automobile even in the direction of my aspect; what do you want me to do, stand mine on edge?”

Magdalena simply stared downward into the cigarette smoke and softly answered, ” Sorry, I’ll remember the next time.”

Eric went on, ” Sorry, that’s what they all say, you bitch, can’t you do something proper.” The girl just persisted to stare and only gave him 1/2 of her attention. However, her husband simply wouldn’t let pass, ” So what’s for dinner, I’m starved, when are we ever going to get some thing top around right here?”

She responded, ” There’s dinner within the refrigerator.”

” Then why the fuck isn’t it at the table and prepared to consume you lazy cunt; you come domestic earlier than I do; you must have all that shit ready; what do you do when you get here, play with yourself?”, the person yelled returned.

Magdalena got up off the sofa, killed her cigarette within the ashtray at the livingroom desk, and ventured into the kitchen. The young girl opened the refrigerator and eliminated the meals wished for tonight’s dinner. Eric, on the other hand, went into the bed room and came out five mins later within the equal garments store for his shoes and tie. He flopped down at the solfa, grabbed one of the close by newspapers, and started to read.

Twenty mins later, our heroine stated, ” Dinner’s geared up.”